1. Siddhi E-Reader Tablet
  2. Siddhi SoC Platform

Introducing Siddhi TM E-Reader

A book reader tablet

More than 300 Million Children in India and double that number around the world take a heavy backpack full of text books and note books to school each year. Can we reduce that load ?

Siddhi E-Reader Reference Design

A book reader tablet optimized for students from 2nd-10 th grade retailing at Rs.1800 bundled with e-books and direct DC charge from Solar !

Who Is Developing It ?

Dreamchip Electronics Private Limited in partnership with our System Design Automation partner Sankhya Technologies Private Limited

Can We Have Samples ?

Reference samples of Siddhi E-Reader implemented using Siddhi Lite will be available for evaluation by March 2014.

Register Your Requirement

You may registerHere

For more information please contact: info@dreamchip.in

The Smart Technology for your Smart Information Device!

The Dreamchip TM Siddhi SoC platform

Every Smart Information Device (SID) primaly depends on a computer chip for its functionality.

This chip is often called a System-On-Chip or SoC.

Siddhi E-Reader is powered by Dreamchip Siddhi SoC powered by Dreamchip Synthetic Processor technology.

Siddhi Lite is an implementation of Siddhi SoC using field programmble gate array technology(FPGA). Siddhi T40 is a planned version of Siddhi using 40nm semiconductor technology.

A Quick Primer on Processor Technology

Globally micro-processor technologies have evolved through 4 phases -
Generation- 1 Hard Chip
Generation- 2 Soft or Hard Core
Generation- 3 Configurable Core
Generation- 4 Synthetic Processor

A Synthetic Processor is automatically synthesized to fit the needs of a specific application - improving performance, yield and reducing cost and power consumption.

Can I Use Synthetic Processor for Other Applications ?

Yes, Set-Top-Boxes, Industrial Control (PLCs) to High Performance Computing - Synthetic Processors, SoCs and NoCs can be used for a wide-range of applications either over an FPGA platform (or) through a application optimized Silicon Chip based on volumes.

Can I Use Siddhi Now ?

Siddhi-Lite - complete with 32-Bit Synthetic RISC Processor, VGA RGB Display Driver, DRAM Controller and Flash Controller for FPGA development.

Dreamchip Vani (Siddhi + Audio/Video Processors) and Sandesh (Vani + Comunications Processor)(FPGA based development kits).

For More Information about availability please contact: info@dreamchip.in

Dreamchip Siddhi SoCs (Test Chips) over 40nm Silicon expected to be available for pre-registered customers during 2014.